Miss Farrow’s Feathers


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The vicar’s daughter was scandalized once…she doesn’t dare fall in love again.
Miss Meg Farrow gave her heart to the wrong man, and her reputation barely survived. Now the last thing she needs is the outrageous, foul-mouthed parrot she just inherited. She’ll be a public disgrace if she can’t find someone to help tame bawdy Bartholomew’s torrid tongue. But what if the man hired to train him turns out to be what she never expected yet everything that she dreamed?
When Maxwell Shirley shows up at the Farrows’ front door he’s stunned to be invited inside and given a room of his own. It seems the Rev. Farrow and his charming daughter have mistaken Max for a parrot trainer! But their error is a perfect foil for his scheme. Miss Farrow might seem prim on the outside, but Max has reason to suspect she hides a sordid secret inside. How long will it take him to charm his way to the truth…and then will he ruin her with it?

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