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A scientist makes two stunning discoveries: First, his lost soul mate is alive in an alternate universe, and second, the Earth is doomed.
Science prodigies Lije (Elijah) Grant and Laura Bess Austin have been soul mates since they were kids. But as Laura Bess is flying off to college, the plane goes down and all aboard are lost. Lije is devastated; the love of his life is gone.
Lije grows up to become an astrophysicist, living a minimal existence, tracking boring space junk, night after tedious night at a radar station. Then one evening, he notices a satellite suddenly veering off course, disappearing into deep space.
Investigating, he discovers that it is the work of a small black hole, and it is coming closer. The Earth has maybe two weeks before Armageddon.
And that’s when Laura Bess walks up to Lije in a coffee shop and says “Hello, stranger.”
The future just isn’t what it used to be; neither is the past.

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